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A recent Wall Street Journal article sheds light on the importance of sleep regularity over duration. Consistent sleep patterns, even if less than the recommended 8 hours, can significantly impact overall health and longevity.

Formula 1 racing is a fascinating world that pushes boundaries beyond our imaginations. The excitement, the roar of the engines, and the adrenaline rush are just the surface-level appeals.

Explore the potential of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for knee arthritis, offering non-surgical pain relief and improved functionality.

Navigating knee pain and considering replacement? This blog dives into knee anatomy, signs indicating a need for surgery, and the latest advancements, from robotic-assisted procedures to Enhanced Surgical Recovery, guiding informed decisions.

Discover when it's time for a hip replacement to alleviate chronic hip pain. Learn about non-operative treatments, surgical procedure, and considerations.

Embark on a transformative journey with an orthopedic surgeon who brings expertise forged in war zones and advanced robotic techniques to deliver exceptional care.

All about knee arthritis, its causes, symptoms, and non-surgical treatment options. Discover the advantages of robotic total knee replacement with MAKO Robotics for advanced cases.

Learn about symptoms, causes, and treatment options for infected total hip and knee replacements. Expert insights and comprehensive guidance provided by Dr. Vilas Saldanha.

Having a well-balanced diet packed with all the necessary nutrients is essential for a successful surgery and swift recovery.

For patients with advanced knee arthritis who have exhausted non-surgical treatment options, total knee replacement surgery may be necessary to restore mobility and reduce pain.