For patients with advanced knee arthritis who have exhausted non-surgical treatment options, total knee replacement surgery may be necessary to restore mobility and reduce pain.


Part 2: Surgical Treatment for Knee Arthritis

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Robotic Total Knee Replacement and the Advantages of MAKO Robotics

For patients with advanced knee arthritis who have exhausted non-surgical treatment options, total knee replacement surgery may be necessary to restore mobility and reduce pain. In recent years, robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery using MAKO Robotics has become a popular and effective option for patients.

Advantages of Robotic Total Knee Replacement with MAKO Robotics:

  1. Greater Precision - MAKO Robotics uses advanced imaging technology to create a 3D model of the patient's knee, allowing for more precise and accurate implant placement. This can help reduce the likelihood of complications such as implant misalignment and instability.
  2. Personalized Implant Design - The 3D model also allows for the creation of a personalized implant design that is tailored to the patient's unique anatomy, improving fit and function. This can result in a more natural-feeling knee joint and better overall outcomes.
  3. Faster Recovery - Robotic total knee replacement with MAKO Robotics is less invasive than traditional surgery, leading to a faster recovery time and less post-operative pain. Patients may also experience less scarring and a smaller incision site.
  4. Improved Long-Term Outcomes - Studies have shown that patients who undergo robotic total knee replacement with MAKO Robotics have better long-term outcomes, with fewer complications and improved range of motion. For example, one study found that patients who underwent MAKO robotic total knee replacement had lower rates of revision surgery and shorter hospital stays compared to those who underwent traditional total knee replacement surgery.

While robotic total knee replacement with MAKO Robotics offers many advantages, it is important to note that not all patients may be candidates for this type of surgery. Factors such as the extent of cartilage damage, overall health, and underlying medical conditions will need to be taken into consideration by a physician or surgeon. Patients should also be aware of the potential risks and complications associated with any surgical procedure.


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