Robotic technology in hip and knee replacements is like a smart tool to help surgeons perform surgery with greater accuracy. Before surgery, it uses images to create a 3D picture of your joint. This helps the surgeon plan the surgery based on your body's specifics. During the operation, a robot arm guides the surgeon, ensuring only the damaged part is removed and the new joint fits perfectly. This technology can make recovery quicker and less painful, meaning you could leave the hospital sooner and get back to normal life faster. It's an exciting step forward in making joint surgeries better and easier for patients.

Our Technology

Robotic technology in total knee replacements is a helpful aid for surgeons to ensure accurate and successful operations. First, it makes a 3D model of your knee using scans, so the surgeon can plan the surgery better. Then, during the surgery, the robot arm guides the surgeon to remove only the damaged part and fit the new knee just right. This can result in less pain after surgery, a quicker recovery, and a better functioning new knee. It's like having a smart assistant for your surgeon, and it's taking knee replacements to a new level.

Robotic technology in total hip replacements works like an advanced assistant for surgeons, ensuring a precise and custom-fit procedure. First, it uses scans to create a 3D model of your hip, helping the surgeon plan the surgery to match your body's unique shape. During the operation, the robot arm helps the surgeon accurately remove the damaged part and position the new hip joint just right. This can lead to less pain after surgery, quicker recovery, and a smoother-moving new hip. It's like having a high-tech helper for your surgeon, making hip replacements more tailored and efficient for patients.