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Hip and Knee Revision

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Background and Patient  Presentation

Patients requiring a hip revision surgery  often present with progressively worsening discomfort or pain in their  previously replaced hip joint. Some may report a reduced range of motion,  instability, or the feeling of the joint "giving  way".


The primary  symptom is persistent pain that's not alleviated by non-surgical  interventions. Other symptoms may include stiffness, swelling, limping, and  in more severe cases, the inability to bear weight on the affected side. Some  patients may also feel a grinding sensation within the  joint.

Causes for Revision

Revision  hip surgery is typically needed due to wear and tear of the original implant,  loosening or dislocation of the implant, infection, or even in response to a  fracture in the bone around the implant. Other less common causes include  adverse reactions to the implanted materials or failure of the bone to grow  around the implant, leading to  instability.


  • The surgeon  begins by removing the old prosthesis.
  • Any damaged bone is  carefully cleaned and removed.
  • A new, often custom-fit prosthesis  is then implanted.
  • If necessary, bone grafts are utilized to  strengthen the surrounding bone.
  • Finally, the surgeon ensures the  correct alignment and movement of the new joint before closing the incision.

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