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5 weeks ago, via Google Reviews

"Dr. Saldanha, and Lauren are the best you could ask for. I’ve been seeing them since Oct. 21, when I was in an accident with a double compound fracture of my lower left leg! Dr. Saldanha is a life saver. He put me back together and was able to start walking again with in 4 weeks. Here it is the last day of July and still going strong. I do still have the hardware in my leg, but what ain’t broken don’t fixit!! I love love him and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone!!!
JUST GREAT PEOPLE! Sure wish they were closer to the Abilene area!!! Thank you Vilas and Lauren! Love you both!!"

2020 | Russell B.

5 months ago, via Google Reviews

"Great surgeon, put me back together after a horrific motorcycle accident. I had to have surgery both arms, everything is healing up nicely and x ray's looked great. My left arm had complete break that looked like a broken piece of bamboo . On the road to recovery and his team is great too. My scarring minimal and healing up great. His personal assistant was awesome and I felt like I was in good hands the first time I talked to her. It's hard to express in words how much they helped me and will recomend them to everyone I know."

2020 | Jeffrey F. 

16 days ago via Google Reviews

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. I fell 18 ft. Broke my pelvis and was in bad shape. I’m an Army combat veteran and have seen my share of stuff. Dr. Saldanha saved my life. He is a Former Air Force officer. Field grade. I not only consider him as the surgeon that fixed me. I consider him my life long friend.

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